biography . personal/artistic statement

“As a listener I am curious about things I have not encountered before. These encounters often challenge my ideas on music and confront me with my prejudices and assumptions in general. I think this reflection makes listening (and thus composing) an even more fulfilling experience. By sharing ideas through music, I hope a certain curiousity or reflection will be triggered amongst other listeners.”


Gagi Petrovic is an award-winning composer of music and sound. He was born in Serbia (1986) and lives in The Netherlands (where he grew up). As a composer he works in both autonomous and applied contexts, getting commissions from internationally renowned organisations such as Gaudeamus Muziekweek and receiving grants for further developing his artistic goals and share his findings through performances – usually. Additionally, he teaches (fundamentals of) composition, is a tutor and organises concerts of contemporary music.

His music often resembles his strong affections with intensity and intimacy which he explores thourgh the interdependacies of sound and pysical movement. This usually results in something that balances between contemporary music, electronics and alternative pop.

During his years studying Psychology (2009, BSc.) he was involved in several projects with other musicians and dancers, where he also participated as amateur dancer himself. Instead of focusing his efforts in becoming a better musician/dancer, he decided to become a better composer. Ever since, he finished his education in Composition Electronic Music (2013, with honours), with comments such as:

”Gagi has a strong balance of ratio, craftsmanship and artistic intuition”* and “He makes you feel at ease and inspired at the same time; he has wonderful ideas and the social skill and persistence to realize them.”**

Shortly after graduating he joined the
Soundlings network, and started teaching at HKU: Music & Technology. In his compositions, he collaborates with various (groups of) musicians, choreographers, other artists, and continues to do so with great pleasure. Finding the right (dis)balance between the audible and the visible simply fascinates him.

* by a.o. Jorrit Tamminga and David Dramm (HKU: Music & Technology)
** by Harijono Roebana, artistic director of
LeineRoebana (where Gagi interned in 2011-12, and did a residency in 2015-16)
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(a selection)

2017 – nominated for
Matthijs Vermeulen Prijs 2017
Ob-literate (with Zeno van den Broek)

2015-16 – invited to do a
residency at LeineRoebana
Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 14.12.52
- integrate my experience as electro-acoustic composer and singer-songwriter;
- develop the instrument GEST for composing and performing electronic music in a more intuitive weay;
- create a solo act where the electronics are an extension to my voice and vice versa. read more right

2015 – the
Dutch Performing Arts accepted our application
to compose ‘Ob-literate’, with Zeno van den Broek

2014 – invited by Gaudeamus for impuls Academy 2015
(9th International Composers Academy for Contemporary Music, in Graz)
to write a piece for Dario Calderone (extended doublebass)

2014 - selected by HKU: Music and Technology as high potential,
to do research on composition and parts of the creative process

2014 – selected by Gaudeamus for Composition Beyond Music 2014 (with Peter Ablinger),
// as member of Soundlings

2014 – selected for
Mazsalaca 2014 (7th International Workshop for Young Composers, in Latvia)

2014 –
Third Prize at Dutch Harp Composition Contest 2014 (all ages and nationalities),

2013 – selected for
V2_ Test_Lab: The Graduation Edition 2013, with Custom Made Music

2012 – selected for
Gaudeamus – The Fascinating Sound of Gamelan
to follow intensive workshops and write a piece for Gamelan with electronics