Hello dear friends,

It has been a while since you've heard from me, I hope you are well. I'm doing fine and got plenty to share! In this newsletter I'll add several links to my music including thoughts behind it, hopefully you can find the time to sit down and listen to what I have to tell. Also, the coming months will have some nice concerts and I'm happy that my music is included. I would like to invite you to all of them. :)

IC1 – try-out (unplugged)
[excerpt of try-out concert]

Residency 'Nieuwe Makers' – Imaginary Conversations
at LeineRoebana

II. Sleeping is a form of finding what you know:
You remove yourself
and replace it with assumptions
Temporary salvation.

III. Salvation is a form of wishful thinking:
You remove yourself
and replace it with external hope
Nothing changes.

I. Polarisation is a form of sleeping.
Remove yourself
and replace it with the other:
Problem solved.

These messages form the core of my composition. The words can be interpreted the way you like, to me they mean: often I witness a lack of listening among people that have an opposing perspective on something. It appears as if assumptions, on what someone might represent, resonate louder than what that someone actually says. Projected anger and misplaced fear follow while it's actually more like a severe misunderstanding.

So far, I don't think this attitude only occurs on a specific topic or among specific (groups of) people, although it's extra clear in political debates, or on topics regarding 'truth'. I hear protection of 'us' and I see how this results in polarisation, keeping 'them' out while keeping 'us' safe from any blame. This way we create a distance which is artificial, counter productive and simply not necessary. Don't get me wrong, I struggle with this too; it can be really hard to be silent and listen to someone with whom you fundamentally disagree. But like many other things: the tougher it gets, the higher the potential reward.

As only one person I often feel powerless in helping people realise that this way we waste a very precious resource for learning: diversity of thoughts. Instead, I see how we blind ourselves with the familiar, probably because it feels good.

"Your comfort confronts me."

Through this music I attempt to express how I feel about this notion while offering an alternative: move the self aside in order to create space for truly seeing the other. But who knows, maybe I'm wrong and it's better to keep quiet and just do it myself. This also reminds me of one of the most valuable lessons I learned through singing:

Sometimes it’s better to not interfere; let go to let it flow.

But here I am, interfering, haha. :D So alright, I'll stop my societal existentialism for now. I hope you can find something useful in there. Feel free to respond to what I have to say, in any way that seems fit; show me who you are. Or otherwise, let's just have a drink at one of my gigs and connect through the pleasure of music.

Short reflections
This residency is slowly reaching its end, so it's good to reflect on how it aided my artistic development, aside from the message above.
- I finished three pieces of poetry that are the heart of my composition; two of the three parts I put to music, the third will follow shortly. The video up here shows the first piece, without electronics (for now).
- I developed a confidence, through a better understanding of my voice and presence, that enables me to enter the stage as a solo-singer. There's still a lot to work on, but I'm very happy with how my coaches Angelo Custodio, Yonathan Keren and Harijono Roebana have helped me so far.
- I've made a (nearly finished) prototype of an instrument that enables me to create electronic music in a more direct and intuitive way than I could before. Will keep you posted! 

This residency is made possible by Fonds Podiumkunsten.
[teaser for concert this weekend]

Maya & Gagi
Maya Fridman and I finished our first piece. No message nor meaning, just sharing a connection through music: Abstract Piece No. 1, because yes, there will be more. :) Cello and laptop, two voices, premiering coming weekend in Utrecht. Apart from our piece, I think she's an excellent cellist, so I hope to see you there!
[more info]
dp[a] (excerpt)
[excerpt of debut EP]

I’m very happy to announce that in the fall of 2017 the label Moving Furniture Records will release my debut EP. Yay!
Older pieces played again
Voice and Piano – Soon the concert series Eendagsliederen ('One-day-songs') is coming back to Amsterdam, with a special edition: presenting the best one-day-pieces of the past few years that were composed for this series. I'm glad that my piece Wir hatten zeit ('We had time', 2013) got selected for this occasion. Fragility is a recurring theme in my work, and the performers Enikö Zádor-Gösi and Rutger de Ronde manage very well to capture that intention. 
[more info, one-day-songs online]
Flute and small ensemble – More oldies of mine will be performed during the tour of Passing Sounds (that I'm currently co-organising*): Albert Manders will play Muur ('Wall', 2011) once more, which is awesome because his speed and agility are excellent for this intense little piece! And Donker ('Dark', 2013) will be played by a small ensemble consisting of piano, bass clarinet, alto flute and double bass. Additionally, I will join our ensemble with my voice to perform two pieces, one by Mutter and one by Tenney. We have a great group of musicians, so I'm very much looking forward to start the rehearsals on this one. Our approach for this concert series is to create spatial and aural experiences that stimulate intimacy and closeness between composers, performers and listeners. In March/April we will do a try-out during a Gaudeamus Session, so stay tuned. :)

* with Albert Manders and Hinse Mutter
Agenda of Concerts in 2017

Contemporary Cello

premiering Abstract Piece No. 1 (2016)

duet for two voices, cello and electronics

performed by Maya Fridman and myself

February 18 at MerkAz, Utrecht



Eendagsliederen: Uitblinkers

concert with contemporary one-day-songs

performance of Wir hatten zeit (2013)

March 10 at Splendor, Amsterdam



Passing Sounds

performance by Albert Manders of Muur (2011) and Donker (2012)

performing (voice) a.o. Pillars of Creation by Hinse Mutter

March/April (try-out during Gaudeamus Session); Dutch tour in Fall of 2017

[info coming soon]


Gaudeamus Sessions

performing Imaginary Conversations. (2015-17)

for voice and electronics

May (t.b.a.) at Muziekhuis Utrecht

[more gigs coming]


JIP8 – and I become a wall 

performance of Zid (2013) (for choir SATB)

by chamber choir JIP8

June 2, 3, 9 en 10 (NL) and July in Bosnia & Herzegovina

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