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On March the 1st the finals of the Dutch Harp Festival's composition contest took place. It was an exciting concert with new music for the harp. I'm so happy that my composition was part of this! I won the Third Prize and... so this is my first international award!!!
Curious? Here you can listen to the recording.

With many thanks(!) to Sandrine Chatron (harp), Stephanie Pan (voice) and Tijs Ham (live electronics).

Then after many rejections (yes, there are many), i'm happy to announce that i got selected for Mazsalaca, the 7th International Workshop for Young Composers. This means that for ten days in August, i'll go to a remote village in Latvia, to soak up new knowledge and share experiences with other composers, both young and old. :)




How does an electronic composition sound through dozens of moving speakers? And how when this composition moves itself through Utrecht? In a coproduction with the Rosa Ensemble the Soundlings are currently working on Songcycles!

Be welcome to watch and listen to it on the Culturele Zondagen (May 24, July 13) and during the Mall of Sound (June 28).

Do you rather participate? You can! Just fill in this form.
made possible by Gemeente Utrecht and Culturele Zondagen.


Composition Beyond Music

During past week we did some intense brainstorming with composer Peter Ablinger. We discussed how to connect three unique Utrecht locations, with the help of nature, sound art and technology. The creative process is still young, but be sure to note down September 10-14 in your agenda because then we will exhibit during the Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2014!

Basement Concert

june 27, Rotterdam
An evening filling programme, organized by Hinse Mutter and Albert Manders, with lots of today's music. On this moment, and especially for this occasion, i'm working on oxygen is sparse, an abstract song for soprano and snare drum :)
Öt madárka
(Five birdies) is a musical story about five birdies, loosely based on the Hungarian folk song Madárka madárka. Alright okay, i admit: they're not your typical birds, nor are they timid..
Zsófia Pázstói will perform this also during the evening. Yesss, it's a new solo for recorder!

The Hungarian composer and educator Zoltán Kodály stated that it's not desirable to bear a disbalance between the musical brain and the musical body. During the past years i concentrated most of my musical efforts on creating, and therefore performing myself was pushed towards the background. So sometimes, i feel what Kodály refers to. Well then, after daydreaming there is action!

Steph and Gagi
A singer-songwriter duo? But of course! Two acoustic guitars and two voices, for now that's more than enough :)

Don't expect a blunt cross-over of our tastes, but a search for thrilling, intense, soft, personal, and oh yeah, pretty songs. Perhaps we even work out some of our fascinations for the theatricality of music, who knows? As soon as we're ready, we'll play!

My lil' acolytes
Physical, focus, fetishes.. just a few associations with this very special piece of performance art by Pedro Matias,
and i'm part of it!

It'll be fun.

And sometimes a thought arrises that, in time, develops itself to a project, a work – without a clear goal. This happened the past half year where i was thinking a lot by myself, and later discussed this with others. It resulted in an art manifesto about what it entails to be a composer. Not in a literal sense, but it's rather my holistic view on the topic – as of this moment. As soon as the graphic design is finished, i'll release more information.

An excerpt:
'When did I become
a servant of comfort?'

. july 13 . Culturele Zondagen: CZ on Tour
performance of Songcycles | Soundlings and Rosa Ensemble
across Utrecht, 14:00-15:00

. july 2 . My lil' acolytes
performing | Pedro Matias | Rietveld Amsterdam, 16:00
[invites coming soon]

. june 30, july 1, 3-6 . My lil' acolytes
performing | Pedro Matias | Amsterdam
[more info and invites coming soon]

. june 28 . Mall of Sound
performance of Songcycles | Soundlings and Rosa Ensemble
across Utrecht, 10:00-11:00

. june 27 . The Basement Concert
performance of Öt madárka | Zsófia Pásztói
premiere of oxygen is sparse | Sara C. Marques and Renato Penêda
Rotterdam, 20:00 | event

. june 6 . Huiskamerconcert
performance of The light that blinds you | Albert Manders
Rotterdam, 20:00

[send me a message if you want to attend, limited spots]

. june 5 . Zsófia Pásztói graduation concert
premiere of Öt madárka | Zsófia Pásztói | Utrecht Conservatory, 16:30

. may 24 . Culturele Zondagen: De Stad De Toekomst
premiere of Songcycles | Soundlings and Rosa Ensemble
across Utrecht, 14:00-15:00

[follow our page for the route] | event
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