Dear friends,

Right now I'm on the plane with my Soundlings-buddy Roald van Dillewijn.. flying to New York!* There we'll meet up with Tijs Ham and Robin Koek to do the final preparations for Circuit Bridges. Yes, to premiere our new pieces :)

One day after the concert, the guys and I will each give a talk about our artistic focusses in our creative processes at Harvestworks. Check this link for a nice introduction.

When I get back from NY, I'll continue preparing for the Gaudeamus Muziekweek where my first In your face piece Give more. will have its Dutch premiere.

* Thanks FondsPodiumkunsten!
My second piece in this cycle There is nothing. is the reason why I'm heading to the US. Two weeks after we get back we'll do the same concert but with different performers, in Amsterdam!

It would be awesome if you could assist us, so please check out our crowdfunding campaign above. If you can't support us financially, sharing this video would be greatly appreciated too :)
Circuit Bridges NY/A'dam
Soundlings and Vox Novus

Four soloists? Yes. Structured improvisation? With electronics? Yes! Eight freshly made pieces from the U.S.A. and The Netherlands? Yes. Aesthetically incoherent? Perhaps. Thus making it interesting? Yes!

There is nothing. (for flute and live electronics) revolves around a certain intimacy that can be felt when there is absolutely nothing, and how this wonderful utopia is different for each performer. I'm curious about the different interpretations in the audience too. So it would be great to see you on June 13 at Splendor!

Visit this link for more information on our artistic team.

In the US Margaret Lancaster will perform my composition, in The Netherlands this will be done by Albert Manders.


Zeno van den Broek and I have been preparing since the summer for this composition. Now, with the help of Gaudeamus we finished the first phase of our project.

Five singers, three resonating cubes, one organ, and this in different churches. Tons of destruction, both robust and refined, in search for an unforeseen core. Our plan is ready.

(lol, this came out more as a movietrailer than intended... :) more info coming next time!)

See you soon! (hopefully)
PS. From time to time I also do small sideprojects, such as creating music and/or sound for short promotional videos. I would like to share some with you, so let's start with THIS IS THE RIETVELD.


May 28, Circuit Bridges New York
premiere of There is nothing.
with Margaret Lancaster (flute) and electronics
Gallery MC, NY

May 29, artist talk on how performance influences my compository decisions.

June 13, Circuit Bridges Amsterdam
There is nothing.
with Albert Manders (flute) and electronics
at Splendor Amsterdam


September 10, Gaudeamus Muziekweek
Give more.
with Dario Calderone (extended doublebass)
electronic extension by Tijs Ham
at KuuB, Utrecht

March 6 and 18 2016, Ob-literate
with Zeno van den Broek

resp. Nicolaïkerk Utrecht and Orgelpark, Amsterdam
(and more gigs coming!)
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