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Traveling and waiting are nice moments for reflection, and what’s the use if I don’t share any of it? So here we go!

In September, I started working on two commissions from Gaudeamus, to write two concert pieces. One of them is a very cool long-term collaboration with Zeno van den Broek, called Ob-literate, and is inpired by The Destructive Character. The other commission is the reason that I’m writing this newsletter from the 9th impuls Academy in Graz (Austria) :)

Here I am attending some lectures/discussions about contemporary music, get to know other young composers and musicians from all over the world and continue philosophizing about music, life and all that good stuff with my friend Kosmas Giannoutakis whom I met in Latvia (who happens to live/study here). And of course, I'm checking out concerts filled with freshly made new music, including my own premiere of In your face (1)!

Uhm, this means I’ll soon be attending my first international performance, hooray!
In your face (1)

This combination of words has quite a specific energy to it, and is conceptually very versatile at the same time. So versatile actually, that I decided to challenge myself (and surroundings) to start a long-term series of compositions revolving around it.

The first one is nearly finished and will premiere tomorrow. If your're curious about how Dario Calderone (doublebass), Tijs Ham (electronics) and I connect through this phrase: this Sunday I'll present a recording and talk a bit about the project during Gaudeamus Sessies #7 in Utrecht. Would be nice to see you there.

And the second In your face is on its way, so read on :)

Circuit Bridges

About a year ago, I received another 'Thank you for your submission but unfortunately your piece has not been selected.' (it's okay, it builds character ;)). However, what followed in this message, quickly became a great opportunity instead! Vox Novus, the collective that put out the open call for scores for their ongoing Circuit Bridges project, was searching for other organizations to start an international collaboration. Good thing one of the ideas behind Soundlings is to stimulate international collaborations between professionals that work with sound, so the communications that followed made it clear we should just do this.

Vox Novus and Soundlings are putting together four composers from each side, combining these newly made pieces into a concert in New York and several concerts in Amsterdam. Both Vox Novus and Soundlings selected fitting solists to partner them up with one composer from The Netherlands, and one from the U.S.A.

Albert Manders (composer/flutist) and I are soon starting to work on a new composition for flute and electronics, yes, In your face (2)! What makes this international collaboration even more interesting and exciting, is that at the same time, I’ll be working on this same piece with flutist/performer Margaret Lancaster from the States. And the same goes for the other seven composers!

Are you joining one of our concerts in Amsterdam? Or the concert in New York perhaps? Because, well, this is going to be great!


Gaudeamus introduced me to Zeno van den Broek, to write a big piece together that will premiere in 2016. After half a year of getting to know each other and deciding what to do – and why – the sketching has started! And oh man, it's so challenging and rewarding already to write a piece together.

Ob-literate* – ‘Ob-’ derived from Latin, means ‘against’ and ‘facting’, it is a prefix, which is why I show it here split. In English ‘literate’ refers to a thinker of letters, one who can read ‘Latin oblitteratus, past participle of oblitterare, from ob- + littera “letter”.’ Obliterate means to erase letters, to erase literates.*

what the press does
what teeth mean

typing spine
typist widow.

* by A. Staley Groves

We're looking forward to share our findings, so please feel welcome to visit our presentation of our work-in-progress on April the 26th. Let's start this dialogue.


Next time:

. new website
. release of A composer's statements
. more information on my debut EP


february 19, impuls Academy 2015
premiere of In your face (1)  | Dario Calderone
i.a.w. Tijs Ham | Graz, Austria

february 22, Gaudeamus Sessies #7
presentation of In your face (1)
Muziekhuis Utrecht, 15:30

april 26, Gaudeamus Sessies #8
presentation Ob-literate

i.a.w. Zeno van de Broek

may 28, Circuit Bridges New York
premiere of In your face (2) | Soundlings and Vox Novus

june 13, Circuit Bridges Amsterdam
performance In your face (2) | Albert Manders
Soundlings and Vox Novus

2016, premiere Ob-literate
i.a.w. Zeno van de Broek

More info

Vox Novus

Zeno van den Broek
Dario Calderone
Tijs Ham

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