Dear friends, coming weeks there will be some stuff happening with music and performances by myself,  so i would like to invite you guys to the following events!

By the way, do you like my voice? Starting from tonight it will be hidden in the Utrecht mall 'Hoge Catharijne', as part of a new Soundlings installation by Tijs Ham and Roald van Dillewijn. I will be having an (algorithmical) philosophical conversation with myself(?), so come join my voice if you can find it :)
The Basement Concert
by Hinse Mutter and Albert Manders

Coming friday it is time for over 15(!) premieres during this concert. And one of them is mine! Also my latest composition for alto recorder solo will be performed!!! It'll be a fun/diverse/weird(?) evening filling program, so come join us :)

Oh and we will prepare some delicious food too!

(for a small price)
June 27th: 18:30-23:55
Statenweg 420, Rotterdam

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Not smooth or grace-ful
by Pedro Matias

Speaking of weird: you like it? And what about freaky impulses?

If this triggers something in your mind/body, be sure to check us out!
(in case you're wondering:
yes, i'm performing in this awesome graduation piece)

July 2nd: 19.00
July 3rd: 18.30
July 4th: 17.00
July 5th: 18.00
Fred. Roeskestraat 96, Amsterdam

fb-event: link
some context:
PS. Please take a look at this petition and sign it if you agree that young hard working musicians should have opportunities for continuing and sharing their development.

Initiatives like Intro in situ should live on!
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