biography . personal/artistic statement

I believe in personal growth through artistic development.
For me, the following activities and thoughts are of great help in this:

I compose contemporary and alternative pop music, this can be acoustic, electronic, autonomous, applied or something in between; I usually am in between anyway. I sing-and-songwrite, I collaborate with artists from other disciplines (mainly from performing arts), I am a musician (mainly ‘self-thought’), I am a member of
Soundlings, which is a network of professionals that work with sound – in any way, I co-founded the foundation International Sound Collaborations, I love contemporary dance because its physical language is open for interpretation, I sometimes create sound installations, I organize and initiate projects, concerts, events, collaborations, I teach compository basics, guide students in their artistic development, I am a tutor and do research in creative decision making (at the HKU: Music & Technology). I have a progressive and open source mindset and cherish the underdog, I have a special interest in primal instruments, such as the voice and percussion and a similar excitement for newly made artificial instruments; I’m curious towards creative outbursts that balance on the edge of personality and technology. I regurarly say “Difficult is not the same as impossible.”, so don’t get deluded by naysayers; I often focus on the performance of music, which is something else than playing it, I have certain ideas that are technologically not possible yet, but in time they will be, one of the reasons why i dislike when people propagate ‘everything has been done’ – didn’t they say this more often in history? I believe each era, with its unique personalities, will prove this statement to be not true, so don’t give up.
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I’m a lousy programmer but am able to create reliable/messy systems for musical means (‘mistakes’ often guide me in creative decisions), sometimes I write down recurring thoughts, reflections and notions that keep me busy, ever since Social Media became a thing I started sharing some if them ocassionaly, mostly through Facebook and Quora; existential activism and abstract expressionism cannot always be communicated effectively through music, but I try anyway. I produce raw/polished electronic tracks, I love melancholy and sceptical free thinkers; I believe everything is connected (interpret this the way you like), I love collaborating with other makers, because of the learning, the growing, the confrontation and yes, because it’s fun, I prefer to choose person over instrument – to me the extension is less relevant, I am fascinated by details, interpretations of ideas, images, sounds – one of the reasons why I prefer to work in small groups since otherwise superficiality (or pragmatism) become(s) a threat; I love choirs, I do performances – not only as a musician, I love extreme stuff (especially when it’s subtle), I feel strongly connected with all aspects of intensity and intimacy, I think we need more freedom for expression, whatever that may be, I strongly dislike dogma (yes, particularly in the arts).

I often think about existential things, behaviour of people, art and its possible relevance; society, media – and their impact – social issues, different perspectives, (ab)use of words; space, personal development, technology, and well: music! But often thoughts are a combination of the above.
I am here to challenge your views while you challenge mine.

I really love words – and their power, hate it when this is abused, and am concerned about this going unnoticed (also by myself); I flourish when surrounded by (almost) complete freedom, and sometimes even more when wandering the fields that exist between excitement and fear.

[last update: April 26th, 2017]