-- current projects --

for cello, electronics and two voices
with Maya Fridman

Double Agent: an ongoing interaction
video installation with activistic lullabies

dp[a] (2014-15)
electronic beat/song/noise oriented EP debut

Ob-literate (2015-16)
with Zeno van den Broek;
. commissioned by Gaudeamus

Let go. (work title) (2016-; IYF3)
for voice and live electronics

. Nieuwe Makers residency at LeineRoebana, with financial aid of FPK.

-- finished projects --

There is nothing. (2015; IYF2)
solo for flute and live electronics, with Albert Manders and Margaret Lancester;
. part of Circuit Bridges, a Soundlings and Vox Novus coproduction

Give more. (2014-15; IYF1)
<< soon uploading video registration >>
for extended double bass; electronic extension with Tijs Ham;
. commissioned by Gaudeamus

Soundroots (2014)

[making of video]

a guided sound installation tour [3h];
connecting nature and sound through technology and imagination

. a Soundlings project, (partly) commissioned by Gaudeamus

Steph & Gagi – Solid Dust (2014; demo)
written, played and recorded with Stephanie Yavelow.

oxygen is sparse (2014)
for soprano and snare drum. [5m]
on the poem ‘Étui’ by A. Staley Groves

Songcycles (2014)
for dozens of moving speakers,
composition with Mark IJzerman [5m];
a coproduction of Soundlings and Rosa Ensemble

Öt madárka (2014)
for alto recorder. [8m]

Wir hatten zeit (2013)
for soprano and piano,
lyrics distilled from a German poem by Heinz Czechowski (1935-2009). [4m]

..stRrrct.. (2013)
for harp, voice and live electronics. [9m]

i.a.w. Idske Bakker (Insomnio), Stephanie Pan (ROSA) and Tijs Ham (Soundlings),
on articles by Walter Benjamin (1892-1940) and Dick Raaijmakers (1930-2013).
. . commissioned by Gaudeamus / Third Prize at finals of Dutch Harp Composition Contest 2014

Zid (2013)

for choir (SATB), on a Serbian poem by Vasko Popa (1922-1991). [5-6m]
. . performed by Haarlem Voices

The light that blinds you

duet for alto flute and live electronics, an excerpt. [15m]
. . performed by Albert Manders (a.o. during Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2013)

Verdragen (2012-13)

for recorder (with live electronics); electronics i.a.w. Tijs Ham. [8 or 13m]
. . performed by Zsófia Pásztói

for 11 players (bar/tbn, fl, ob, cl, ssax/cl, asax, tsax, bsax, tpt, hp/db, pno). [6m]

Raam tot raam
composition for Javanese gamelan and live electronics;
sound art and system development i.a.w. Tijs Ham. [5m]
. . performed during Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2012)

for four players (perc/db, a.flt, b.cl, pno). [7m]

for wind trio and live electronics. [12m]

for choir (SMzATB), on a German poem by Rainer Maria Rilke. [7m]


for recorder (or flute). [4m]
. . performed by Albert Manders

Over het Spaarne (2010)
for carillon. [1m]

Vijf (2010)

for two electric guitars and three clarinettes. [5m]
. . Lauran Jurrius (clarinettes)

Logos (2010)
study of subtractive synthesis in SuperCollider.

Ruis (2010)
algorithmic composition in Max/MSP.

Petoro (2009)
for five melodicas and electronics.